Calligraphy Wall Arts:

These Metal Wall Arts are made in Embossed & Plain forms.

Plain Calligraphy:

Persian Letters, Words and Poems are directly written by Hand Grinding tool on Metal sheet exactly similar to calligraphy by pen on paper. Effect of scratch and abrasion on metal is same as effect of moving Ink on paper in traditional Persian calligraphy. This technique is invented by Bahram Mosleh and is the first in the World.

The used font is a combination of Sols & Moalla (famous Persian traditional hand- writing font) which specially designed for calligraphy by grinding on metal, by the help of Dr. Saeed Naghashian.

All of Calligraphy Wall arts are designed and performed Originally by Bahram Mosleh.

Embossed Calligraphy:

In These Metal Art Works, letters and words are Lased or hand cut from a metal sheet and then calligraphy textures are made by hand Grinding tool. Final pieces are paste on a metallic or wooden background with a pre-designed composition.

All of the Farsi (Persian) or English fonts could be used in these kind of metal arts.