My Canvas is Metal sheet and My Pen is Grinding tool

I am Bahram Mosleh, Metallurgy Engineer and Graphic Designer, who make Metallic Art and Decorative works by Hand Grinding tool. I engrave Graphical forms, drawings and letters on metal with different abrasive and grinding wheels. I called this method “FrezNegari” (in Persian) which means Designing with Grinding. In facts, Metal sheet is my paper and Grinding disc is my Pen, a combination of Art & Industry.
Abrasion effect and textures created on metal, plus painting with transparent colors, make different and beautiful visual effects on Artwork which are seen in different view angles.
In my designs, I inspired by nature, Persian and Eastern Motifs and letters. Calligraphy by Grinding is the most complicated and the newest genre of my Artworks which I still ever seen anywhere.
By Calligraphy, I engrave the thoughts inside hard metal.
All of the designs are made originally by myself and metal art works are made in just 1 edition.
Welcome to the World of my Grinding MetalArt.

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