Bahram Mosleh Biography

Born: Tehran, Iran, 1973


  • College of Fine Arts, Graphic Design training course, University of Tehran, 1995
  • Faculty of Metallurgical Engineering, Master of Science degree, Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST), 1998
  • Typography academy of Dr. Saeed Naghashian, Calligraphy training course, 2019

Artistic Activities:

  • Graphic Design, Logo and Logo-type: Since 1991
  • Design and Manufacturing of Metal Arts and Decorative Works by Hand Grinding Tool, called “FrezNegary”, since 2013
  • Invention of technique for Calligraphy on Metals by Hand Grinding Tool, since 2019
  • Design & Manufacturing of more than 60 Metal Arts and Decorative Works on Iron, Steel, Aluminum & Copper, for different clients, customers, trading companies & personal archive

Engineering Activities:

  • Engineering and Manufacturing activities of Suspension and Brake system of Automotive parts in SAPCO Co. (Supplying of Automotive Parts for IranKhodro Co.), since 1999
  • Publications (in Engineering field):
  • A New Approach to the Gating System, IUST, 1998
  • 12 lectures and Articles in the field of Engineering Research of Metallurgy, Casting and Vehicle industry


  • 5th. International Exhibition of Midex (Architecture, Modern House & Interior Design), Tehran International Permanent Fairground, 1st. presentation of Metal Art Works, Jan. 2015
  • Bahram Mosleh Calligraphy by Hand-Grinding tool on Metal, SOLO Exhibition, Niavaran Cultural Center Gallery, March 4-11th. 2022


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  • “Industry & Art Dialogue” Automobile Industry Journal, Tehran, Mar. 2015
  • “Formic Composition of Persian letters in fantastic colors medium”, Honarmand (Artist) Newspaper, March 14, 2022
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