Metal Grinding, A new Vision for Artistic & Decorative works

Grinding Metal-Art works are designed and manufactured by a special and new Technique-Vision: Drawing by Making Texture on Metal by Grinding and painting on metal.

This vision-technique consists of Making of texture on metal sheet by using abrasive and grinding tools plus color painting.

In these metal art works, because of abrasion effect and texture on metal, different visual effects are seen in different view angles.

All works are made by hand tools and no automatic or digital tools are used. Also, volumetric and sculptures are made by cutting, bending and forming of pre-Grinded Metal sheets.

In newest Grinding Metal art works, I made calligraphy of Persian letters. According to the investigations and visual artists and experts comments, nobody used grinding tool for calligraphy in the world and I am the first.

General Specifications of Grinding Metal Art works by Bahram Mosleh

  • Design and manufacturing was done by Bahram Mosleh.
  • On the front side of the artwork, Signature and date of manufacturing was engraved by grinding.
  • On the back side of the artwork, a label including: name, type, material, dimension and unique code was sticked.
  • Some artworks are specially designed and made for a customer.
  • Some other works designed and made in one or limited edition for public presenting in exhibition, event, galleries, ….
  • Most of artworks are registered in legal devision of Iran Culture in the name of Bahram Mosleh and have Copy Right.
  • All Grinding artworks are presented in web site and Instagram